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Broken power windows?

When your power windows become broken or sluggish, it's enough to make you wish for the crank windows. There's no reason to take a step back, though - not when you have John's Paint & Body on your side! Just bring your car down to the shop, and we'll repair or replace your window regulator.

Window regulator service:

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The tools to get the job done

If you've ever taken apart a car door, you know that the manufacturers don't leave much room for clearance. That's why our auto techs use specialized tools that allow us to handle all door and window work.

 • Repair broken window regulators

 • Replace broken window regulators

 • Power window regulators

 • Manual window regulators

 • Weatherproofing

 • 30 years experience  

 • Family owned and operated business

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With more than 30 years of experience, our staff is also well versed in handling manual window regulators as well. We'll get your car windows working in no time.



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