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Save the paint if you can

In years past, dent removal was really two services: first, the dent was hammered out or the panel was replaced and then the damaged paint was replaced. With today's innovative techniques, though, John's Paint & Body can repair small and medium dents without hurting the paint job!

Paintless dent repair:

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No additional damage

Our auto body techs won't drill holes in your car's panels or framing for access to the dent. Instead, we take the time to make sure the dent is removed without compromising your car's structural integrity.

 • Repair dents without hurting the paint

 • Major storm damage

 • Hail damage repair

 • Small dents

 • Dings

 • No holes drilled!

 • We work with all major and minor insurance companies

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Perfect for hail damage restoration, our paintless dent repair services will have your car looking like new again in no time. Don't forget - we'll work with your insurance company!



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