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Fast and affordable headlight service

Do you feel like you're overdriving your headlights just going down city streets? You don't need expensive new head lamps replacement lens - just bring your car in for our headlight restoration services. We'll sand and polish your lights back to their original specifications.

Headlight service and repair:

Set up your restoration

Illuminating service

Seeing clearly through the night and rain is an essential part of driving safety - after all, you are your car's most important safety feature. Make sure you can see everything you need to make the right decision.

 • Headlight restoration

 • Sand and polish to return it to its original look

 • Helps with headlight vision

 • Hazy, yellowish, dull or cloudy headlights can look as good as new

 • Increase the lifespan of your headlights

 • Restoration services are affordably priced

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Set up your appointment for headlight work:

Providing long-lasting headlight relief, your headlights will be restored to optimal performance. At that point, just bring them in for another affordable restoration.



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